What makes us different?

We are a specialist healthcare provider, working alongside local care establishments in order to offer the highest quality of care to our clients. By building close partnerships with our clients, we are able to fully understand their needs and preferences, while confidently and consistently providing them with the best possible solution.

By taking a digital approach to some of our processes, the likes of using remote video technology or an online booking system, we enable our staff to undertake flexible working patterns tailored around their needs, whilst remaining directly engaged with us. Such technologically enabled efficiency allows a more efficient use of time towards what matters: ensuring excellent levels of care for our service users.

Fundamentally, our focus is on ensuring excellent quality is inherent in everything we do, so that we can not only be proud of the company we work for but feel assured that our service users that need exceptional care, are getting exactly that.

Our Mission

At Alert Health 24, our mission is to offer a service that truly makes a difference to the lives of people requiring care in our communities. Our recruitment process ensures that we attract the best and most committed healthcare professionals, who are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of those they work with, just like us. By providing our staff with all the support and training needed, we ensure they are equipped with all the skills necessary to deliver the best level of care possible. From a client perspective, we strive towards building personal relationships with all our clients, allowing us to fully understand their requirements while enabling the tailoring of our services based on them.

Our Story

After spending many years working with some of the largest healthcare agencies in the country, the vast experience gathered by our founder, Steve Churches, enabled him to envision a future in which agencies worked slightly differently. He envisaged that by building close relationships with his clients, this will provide a comprehensive understanding of their needs and how to deliver exceptional care based on these. Furthermore, he believed that by ensuring the happiness of his staff while enriching their working experience with the help of technology, this will enable them to focus on delivering the highest quality of care possible. With this vision in mind, Steve embarked on the journey of transforming his vision into reality: to start an agency with an alternative approach to the traditional one. This is how, in 2019, Alert Health 24 was built upon offering an unbeatable service for clients as well as staff, with a mission to make a positive difference to peoples’ lives within the communities where we are present.

Focus on Candidate Experience

At Alert Health, offering a top candidate experience and keeping our staff happy is a top priority. Ellie, a key member of our team, is our Candidate Experience Executive. Ellie’s main focus is ensuring our staff are happy and do not have any issues. If any issues do arise, she is able to work with them and get it resolved as soon as possible. We believe that the way we care for our staff directly influences the quality of care they provide towards our clients. By providing our staff with all our support, guidance and understanding, while making constant efforts to improve their working experience, we have managed to attract the best, most skilled and committed healthcare professionals in our teams. Furthermore, by ensuring the happiness of our staff, we have managed to increase their engagement with us, building a strong bond with themselves, ultimately improving the level of care we could offer to our clients.

Nursing Excellence Team

Our clinical support team is comprised of qualified nurses who are on hand to provide support 24/7 to both our branch team and healthcare staff. Their ongoing pursuit of excellence provides the assurance that the end user’s needs are constantly being considered and that we strive to deliver a consistent and excellent approach in all that we do.

Using the Latest Technology

By using the latest technology available, not only do our clients receive high levels of customer service, but our staff also experience a more engaging and rewarding career. Our online booking system is a great example of how we have embraced technology to the benefit of both parties. Remote video technology is another tool that supports our processes, enabling our staff to undertake flexible working patterns that best suit their own needs while remaining directly engaged with us. Such technologically enabled efficiency allows everyone more time to focus on what's important; ensuring excellent levels of care to our service users.